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  • What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Metal Sensor

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    metal detector is an electronic device that gives an audible or visual signal when its search head comes close to a metallic object either exposed or concealed. It may be a handheld portable sweeping unit or placed in an archway as a gate-like structure through which the person passes.This article will provide information on this topic including guides and tips, controversies and problem solved and even the myths that underlie metal detector devices. Advantages in using Metal Detectors. A metal

  • Active Pixel Sensors Advantages And Disadvantages

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    INTRODUCTION An Active Pixel Sensor (APS) is an imaging sensor which consists of an integrated circuit comprising of a collection of pixel sensors. Each pixel comprises of an active amplifier and a photodetector. Active Pixel Sensors are of many types. The most common one CMOS Active Pixel Sensor, is used in mobile phone cameras, web cameras and most DSLR cameras. This kind of an image sensor is manufactured by a CMOS or NMOS process. The conversion of light signals into electric signals is done

  • Wireless Sensor Network Advantages And Disadvantages

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    The more modern network is uni- directional, also control of sensor activity, enabling. The WSN is built or even thousands of sensors of nodes, where each node is connected to on sensors.The sensor of the WSNs, from a simple star network to an advanced multi hop wireless mesh network can vary. Fig 1.1: Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Each Sensor Node can contain various sensors and actuators that are used to collect the data and control physical processes. The

  • Wireless Sensor Networks Case Study

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    DATA COLLECTION BASED HYBRID COMPRESSIVE SENSING IN WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS B.Malathi1, Ms.R.Saranya2 P.G scholor1 , Assistant professor2 P.S.R.Rengasamy College of engineering for women, Sivakasi (TN), India. Malathi.ece44@gmailcom1,saranyar384@gmail.com2 Abstract- Hybrid compressive sensing (CS) can reduce the number of data transmissions and balance the traffic load throughout networks. To maximize network lifetime in Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) the paths for data transfer are selected in

  • Wireless Sensor Network Case Study 1.1

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    In this chapter gives overview of wireless sensor network . It then focuses on Qos requirements and challenges that must be addressed during the development of routing protocol for provisioning of QoS. 1.1 Wireless sensor network A wireless sensor network are often outlined as a network of devices, denoted as nodes, which may sense the setting and communicate the data gathered from the monitored field in wireless way. The information is forwarded, presumably via multiple hops, to a sink

  • Vlsi Technology Advantages And Disadvantages

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    Advantages: • Accurate detection of obstacles in front left and right direction. • Detection of waist level height to head level height obstacles. • Minimum physical interface • Less training time • Very low cost • Low power consumption • Detection of ground level obstacles • Can send a HELP message with the help of emergency button in case of emergency. • Easy navigation route through voice playback circuit. Limitations: Certain improvements are required for following: • Recognition of obstacles

  • USB 1.0 Advantages And Disadvantages

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    . CHAPTER 4 UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS 4.1. Introduction: Universal Serial Bus (USB) is a set of interface specifications for high speed wired communication between electronics systems peripherals and devices with or without PC/computer. The USB was originally developed in 1995 by many of the industry leading companies like Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, Digital, IBM, and Northern Telecom. The major goal of USB was to define an

  • Difference Between Boots And Sneakers

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    Every day we go about our lives wearing shoes. They all share the same purpose: to protect our feet and help us stay comfortable. Two popular styles are boots and sneakers. Each have their own uses different from each other. There are some shoes more practical than others, but they are all used the same way. Some shoes are more rugged than others. For example, boots have been a prime choice for those looking for a heavy-duty shoe. One reason the boot has been a first pick is the material it is

  • Challenges Of Globalization In Globalisation

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    Globalisation is without a doubt the most effective force in reshaping rural localities worldwide (Woods, 2011). Nowadays, rural areas are being transformed at a rapid rate by processes caused by the never ending urban and sub urban growth and expansion both nationally and globally (McCarty, 2007). Globalisation causes many challenges in the development of the rural all over the world including the Scandinavian forest, South American Andean Mountains, mining towns in Australia and even fishing villages

  • Sensor Technology

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    Sensors New technologies are a valuable instrument to ease the disabled persons. The use of new technology developed devices for disabled persons. Sensor is the one of the best technology to improve the life of disabled persons. A sensor is a device, produced by sensitive cells, to transforms physical or chemical magnitudes in useful signals to measure or control system. The instrumentation variables depend on the type of the sensor and they can temperature, distance, acceleration, propensity,

  • Importance Of Sensors

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    THE IMPORTANCE OF SENSORS IN IOT APPLICATIONS Sani Theo In the last issue, we talked about the latest sensors and their applications. In this article we will focus on sensors that are used in Internet of Things (IoTs). When you talked about IoT applications, sensors and IoT platforms are very important. So, this article also covers a brief detail on IoT platforms. Sensor is often the first thing people think of when you talk about IoT. It is because sensor hardware is doing the critical work of

  • Disadvantages Of Smartphones In Healthcare

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    To say that technology has improves the overall quality and effectiveness of healthcare is an understatement. Technology greatly benefits many aspects of our lives on a day to day basis and its impact on the healthcare industry is no different. Things like social media and especially the use of smartphones have allowed for advancements in healthcare because of the numerous benefits they offer us, when used properly and for the right reasons that is. The advancements in technology have allowed the

  • The Importance Of Biomechanics

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    BIOMECHANICS AND SPORTS OBJECTIVES: • Students will be able to learn importance of biomechanics. • Students will be able to improve their game with the application of science. BIOMECHANICS During the early 1970s, the international community adopted the term Bio- Mechanics to describe the application of mechanical principles in the study of living organisms. As it was realized after 1950 that the mechanical principles involving the human body is entirely different from other things. When the study

  • Advantages Of Reversible Logic

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    Abstract—Reversible logic is the emerging topic for research due to its advantage of low energy consumption. Fault tolerant circuit design is required to give error free outputs. In this paper we present an optimized n bit Reversible Fault Tolerant Comparator design using parity preserving reversible logic gates. The Design involves MSB comparison as the first stage followed by Next Bit comparison stage which contributes for 1 bit garbage-less comparator design. The Design is generalized for n bit

  • Ultrasonic Sensor Limitations

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    of four of the sensors are not reach. This is known as blind zone. The area of the blind zone can be reduced by the proper placement of sensors, or by using more number of sensors. One of the alternate solution for covering the entire area with the help of minimum number of sensors is shown below. Here an ultrasonic sensor is placed over a servo motor. And this set up will placed at one of the corner of the room. And the servo motor will rotate so that using single ultrasonic sensor 90 degree can

  • Examples Of Inductive Sensor

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    A sensor that can be able to detect the presence of nearby objects without any sort of physical contact is called as proximity sensor. This sensor emits an electromagnetic field or a beam of electromagnetic radiation and looks for the return signal or any changes in the field. The object being sensed is referred to as target of the proximity sensor. Different proximity sensor targets require different sensors. For example, for a plastic target an capacitive or photoelectric sensor might be suitable;

  • Essay On Thermal Sensors

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    ABSTRACT A sensor is a device which coverts physical signal to the electrical signal. Thermal sensors are temperature sensing devices which are small in size and made up of thermistors. Thermal sensors are of many types: Heat flux sensors, Infrared thermometer, Thermometer, Pyrometer,Flow sensors, Vacuum sensors , semiconductor sensors etc. They found in laptops in order to sound an alarm when a certain temperature has been exceeded. They are used in electrical appliances and medical appliances

  • Car Parking System

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    A PROTOTYPE OF SMART PARKING USING WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORK Manisha Department of Instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Shivangi Saini Department of Instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Apoorva Shukla Department of instrumentation and Control JSS Academy of Technical Education Noida, India Prof. Swati Mishra Department of Instrumentation and

  • Essay On Pressure Sensor

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    2.2.8 Pressure Sensor A pressure sensor also known as pressure transducer is used to measure pressure typically of gases or liquids. It converts pressure into an analog electrical signal such as a voltage output or current output which can easily be measured. Pressure sensors either convert the pressure into mechanical movement or into an electrical output. Complete gauges not only sense the pressure but indicate them on a dial or scale. Mechanical movement is produced with the following elements

  • Essay On Movement Sensor

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    Motion Sensing Technology Introduction Sensor is an instrument which is able to accept and give response to a signal. It is sometimes known as detector and is actually a converter which initially measures the physical quantites and then converts them into a readable signal where the observer or electronic tools can understand. Nowadays, there are many types of sensor which have been introduced in the market, and one of them is motion sensor. Motion sensor is a type of sensing technology which depends