Do Sports Drinks Have More Electrolyte Than Orange Juice Lab Report

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Question Do sports drinks have more electrolytes than orange juice? Variables Independent Variable: Type of Liquid Dependent Variable: The conductance of the liquid Controlled Variables: the amount of liquid, multimeter and supplies, temperature of the liquid, room, and supplies Hypothesis If I measure the conductance of each liquid, then the sports drink will have the greatest current, and the greatest amount of electrolytes. Materials Digital Multimeter Three Alligator Clip Leads 5 feet (1.5 m) of bare, 24-gauge, copper wire 9 Volt Battery 9 Volt Battery Clip 1 kΩ resistor Disposable Plastic Straw Scissors 8 Bowls Masking Tape (Labels) Permanent Marker Distilled Water at Room Temperature Tap Water at Room Temperature Sport’s Drink (I used Gatorade) …show more content…

Place your conductance sensor into the distilled water. Make sure the straw is completely covered in the distilled water. Read the current displayed on the multimeter and remove the conductance sensor immediately. Record the reading into your notebook. Remember to record your readings in microamps. Set the multimeter to the 200 mA range. This is needed to record higher current values in more conductive liquids. Place the conductance sensor into the tap water and record the current in mA. Tap the conductance sensor onto a paper towel and then dip in into the three distilled water rinses. Place the sensor in the sports drink and measure the current. Record the current in units of mA. Tap the sensor dry, and then dip the sensor in tap water, then in the three bowls of distilled water. Place the sensor in the orange juice and measure the current. Record the current in your lab notebook. Rinse the sensor in the tap water and then in all three distilled water bowls. Repeat steps 1–13 in the "Measuring the Conductance" section two more times to obtain a total of three measurements for each liquid. Average the current measurements of the three trials of the

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