HIPAA: Safeguarding Medical Information

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HIPAA is legislation that is mostly used in United States for the protection and privacy of the patient’s information. The medical information is protected by HIPAA whereby it ensures safe access to health and other personal information. HIPAA is therefore divided into five rules and regulations. There is private rule which ensures that all the information about individual’s health is highly protected. Private rule allows a good flow of health care information to ensure that an individual gets the best quality health care. Private rule permits the access of the important information while keeping top security and privacy of treatment details of the patient. Security rule is also a rule found in HIPAA whereby it has administrative and technical guards which are responsible in ensuring that there is confidentiality and integrity of the information which is stored electronically. Security rule also requires physical safeguarding to offer …show more content…

It creates an interchange of transactions between the processing, paying of claims and also submitting whereby it covers the health medical care. Identifier rule is used to cover and protects the care providers whether they are providing the information electronically or on a paper or through other forms. Identifier rule is responsible for private entities whereby it covers the care providers. On the other hand, the enforcement rule has got provisions which are related to compliance and investigation. In addition, in contains penalties of civil money of the violated HIPAA rules. The civil money penalties are imposed by the enforcement rule. The work of HITECH rule is to widen the privacy terms and security terms of the HIPAA rule through provision of legal liabilities through enforcement. HITECH calls for more expansion to be done in the sector of security and privacy of medical

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