Fahrenheit 451: Improving Society With Technology

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Nicholas Kussy
Mr. Brown
English 2
21 April 2023
Improving Society With Technology
Technology is responsible for driving more of the U.S. economy than any other profession aside from healthcare. Technology is prevalent even in a dystopian society like Fahrenheit 451. Captain Beatty states, “Technology is something that allows you to stay happy all the time” (Bradbury). Even in fake and fictitious settings, technology is a viable need in communities and civilization. According to Britannica, “Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life” (Britannica). Technology is a widespread practice that is prevalent in households, industries, and medical professions. Without certain pieces of the cutting-edge …show more content…

The subway, a way of transportation in Fahrenheit 451 that Montag took multiple times, made travel effortless and trouble-free. Technology is universal, it benefits the entirety of society including its health, communication, and privacy.

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