Impact Of Technology In Fahrenheit 451

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Technology has a negative impact on society because it broadcast’s what the government wants people to know and gives them a false sense of reality. Technology has a negative impact on society because the government only broadcasts certain things by showing billboards for miles and using screens to provide a false sense of reality. In Fahrenheit 451, Clarisse and Montag are talking about how the government broadcasts things. Clasrisse asks Montag “Have you seen the two hundred foot long billboards in the country beyond the town? Did you know that once billboards were only 20 feet long… They had to stretch the advertising out so it would last”(Bradbury pg. 7). The billboards only advertise and show people certain things. It is majorly censored to what the government wants the town to know. In addition technology gives people a false sense of reality. For example in Fahrenheit 451 Montag's wife Mildred is addicted to TV and she even pretends she is in a play Bradbury says “she didn't look up from the script again. ‘Well this is a play that comes on the wall to wall circuit in 10 minutes. They mailed me my part this morning’” (Bradbury pg. 17). Mildred completely checks out from …show more content…

Although technology has advanced peoples chances to live it also makes it convenient and easy for people to hurt themselves because it's likely you can be saved. In Fahrenheit 451, Mildred has just overdosed on sleeping medicine. Montag caught it in time and called 911 for help. The operator had two machines, one that drank up the matter from the stomach and the other took the blood and replaced it with fresh, clean blood (Bradbury pg. 11). This machine makes it easy for people to overdose and come back to life. People don't have to be mindful of their actions when they know they can easily be saved. It makes people think less about their actions, ultimately creating more problems in the

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