Strong Presence On Nurses And Leadership

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The Institute of Medicine (IOM) has a strong stance on nurses and leadership. They believe that nurses are a vital component to health care system and nurses in leadership roles can have a positive impact on such. Nurses are in all sorts of roles within the health care systems ranging from a staff nurse, nurse managers, to advance practice, all the way to congress (Finkelman & Kenner, 2013). In addition, they even serve in the boardroom within some health care organizations. Leadership doesn’t necessarily mean a nurse in a manager position, but a nurse who has an influence on staff. (Finkelman, et al, 2013). The importance to having all health care members working together in leadership roles is imperative to positive changes within the health care setting. Nurses can give an insight on matters that only a nurse can, and this is an important viewpoint that needs to be included when …show more content…

It is defined as the integrated care, team approach, and communication between health care members in the effort to provide a functional work environment (Clarke, & Hassmiller, 2013). To summarize, professions across a health care organization should come together to improve the work environment to achieve the same goals to ensure that as a team, outcomes are being met. The Institute of Medicine (2010) believes this is an area that needs vast improvement, and due to fact that interprofessional leadership is not implemented as the standard throughout the hospitals nationwide. The Institute also believes that collaboration is a key strategy for improving problem solving (2010). “Quality care is best provided in a healthy, functional work environment” (Finkelman, et al, p477, 2013). With that being said, interprofessional leadership should be implemented more across the nation in an effort to provide a healthy, functional work environment. Nurses can have an impact on leadership in several different roles, but one is by influencing health

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