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Behind every great nurse is a great leader. Leaders help establish a drive and a commitment to achieve a goal, and they provide skills to make it achievable. Through some research, a nurse leader that I have come to admire and respect is Patricia R. Johnson, MN, RN. Johnson is Vice President and Chief Nurse Executive Woman’s Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA. By possessing and using leadership skills, impacting others around her, and being a great team player are reasons why Johnson is successful as a nurse leader. Patricia Johnson possesses many leadership skills that she uses to make a great team. Johnson provides an atmosphere in which nurses are allowed to practice contributing to professional growth. A quality that is recognized is inspiration …show more content…

She is passionate about improving nursing education. Under her leadership, she has increased the amount of money for nursing education. Helping the nurses around her continue their education and become more knowledgeable health care professionals. She is supportive of change and is always looking for ways to improve the work environment for her nurses and improve patient care. She looks out for her nursing staff and always trying to help them in any way. She believes in participatory leadership and involves staff nurses at every level in the decision-making process. Nurses have commented that they feel open to be creative in problem solving and that administrative support is there backing them up, but not overwhelming them. I admire and respect Patricia Johnson as a nurse leader because she demonstrates many great qualities all nurse leaders should have. She inspires me to become a great nurse full of knowledge and passion for providing the best possible care to others in need. Johnson shows in many ways that she has integrity, courage, initiative, critical thinking skills, goals, and ways to be an effective communication and collaborator in the nursing profession. Each of these qualities are qualities that I hope to someday have and present to

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