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This report is a Tutor-Marked Assignment (TMA) in Fundamentals of Senior Management, submitted as part of the requirements for the Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree program at The Arab Open University (Oman Branch). Specifically, it deals with a case study involving an analysis of the leading change in the general surgery unit. This report presents an analysis of the Leading change in the general surgery unit. Specifically, 1) We explain and analyze how well Barbara Norris done in her first month as a nurse manager and describe her management control approach to performance improvement. 2) We more specifically, evaluate the adequacy of changes Barbara Norris is trying to make. 3) We recommend an action plan for Barbara Noriss to improve staff 's performance. …show more content…

These three problems are: lack of collaboration and teamwork, staff conflict, and lack of transparent performance appraisal procedures. All of these three broad problems need to be addressed simultaneously to ensure that the unit performs as Barbara expected. As we read in the case, there is a conflict between junior nurses, senior nurses, and PCA 's which lead to ineffective collaboration among them. Junior nurses feels like they don 't get positive feedback from senior nurses. However, senior nurses feel that many junior nurses and PCA 's are in competent and feel overwhelmed to support them. To solve this issue Barbara needs to redefine a clear role among the nurses and make sure that the role is properly understand by all her staff. She must include advice from her staff to insure that the role definition fit within her unit. She also need to develop a transparent communication mechanism to solve any role

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