Montana State Hospital Observation

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Tuesday, March 29th, 2016: Montana State Hospital

The day began with a care conference by an interdisciplinary team (psychologists, social worker, nurses, and psych techs). Every patient on the wing was discussed about their current situation, behavioral problems, or change in care plan. The nursing process seemed to be utilized when dealing with these problems. The problem was assessed by the entire team, the root cause was determined, a plan was established to implement, and then would be evaluated the next day.
Following the care conference, we observed an intake of a new patient. A psychologist, RN, and social worker were present and each took thorough notes to establish a care plan in their respected field. The patient was recently …show more content…

At the end of the meeting, I observed the team (nurse, social worker, and nurse practitioner) debate on the patients’ request for increasing their level. The decisions were mainly based on the patient’s behavior and interaction with other patients on the wing. Being compliant with medication, therapy, group sessions, and self-care were also factored in the consideration. I did observe an RN and psychologist discuss a plan to prevent two patients from arguing or becoming violent. They were discussing ways that were fair to both patients without compromising their needs or care. In my opinion, the psych techs and security guards provide the most genuine care to the patients. They are always in the dayroom or hallways socializing with the patients or participating in crafts with them. If I had a question about the patient, I asked the psyche techs as they knew most aspects of their lives. We attended two group sessions for the remainder of the …show more content…

It seems to be really involved with the patients and promote them to manage their mental illness. I was really impressed by their new machine to research a new technique to treat Alzheimer’s disease. I really hope their research is successful. The Silver House seemed like a great place for people who are mentally ill to receive support and a place to socialize. It provides them with group activities and a place to take their medication. I think it gives them encouragement to improve themselves and a sense that they are not alone coping with mental illness. I believe places like this should be part of every community. The Hays Morris House was a very calming environment. It is probably a more therapeutic environment than being held in an acute hospital setting. I was really glad to see these resources available in the community. However, I still think there are lots of improvements and resources needed to improve the lives of the mentally ill

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