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The patient is a 52 year old female who presented to the ED via EMS with bizarre behaviors. Per documentation neighbors found the patient screaming in her house. Per documentation LEO found the patient attempting to drink a closed bottle of alcohol hand sanitizer fluid. Patient presents with disorganized thoughts and irrelevant subject matter when asked questions about behavior upon arrival. Nursing staff was asked about status before the assessment and reports improvements in the patient bizarre behavior. During the time of assessment the patient was awake in her bed with a sitter by her bedside. TACT asked patient demographic information and patient responded by yes to having the correct address,date of birth, and name. At the beginning …show more content…

Giarmo to Randolph Hospital. Dr. Giarmo was called and asked what information she could share with TACT about patient. Dr. Giarmo reports that she had completed an assessment earlier during the day and left nursing staff her contacted information for for hospital staff to ask questions. Dr. Giarmo expressed Dr. Giarmo reports that the patient has experience the loss of her mother a year ago, the patient sister is name Donna and brother is David. After this information was given, Dr. Giarmo ask for my credentials, which were given, then reports that she did not agree with TACT assessing patient at this time, she refuses to share anymore information due to the fact she sign a release to Randolph Hospital and not TACT, and that TACT should not assess the patient because her condition is due to a medical problems. After TACT conversation with Dr. Giarmo, supervisor, clinical back-up and were called in regards to Dr. Giarmo concerns. TACT attempted to call the emergency contact of the patient soon after, however no response or voicemail

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