Delegation By Neurs433: Nurse Manager And Leader

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Delegation Paper

Breanna Lake
Department of Nursing, Davenport University
NURS433: Nurse Manager and Leader
Professor Debbie Bosworth
February 17, 2023

Delegation Paper
For my leadership experience, I spent seven weeks on a medical-surgical unit in Hastings, Michigan. I worked alongside my nurse preceptor on night shift, and as the clinical experience unfolded, I learned numerous new skills and gained knowledge that will be extremely beneficial moving forward in my nursing career. I evaluated the hospital’s mission statement, the leadership and communication styles among team members, and I evaluated how my skills and leadership style evolved over the course of the clinical rotation.
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There was great evidence of the mission statement in the care that patients received, and it was evident that the team members valued the mission statement and worked to give care accordingly. Corewell Health also has their own code of excellence, which is linked at the bottom of their website. There are ten principles included in the code of excellence, and some of these principles include doing the right thing, ensuring everyone has a voice, and treating everyone with compassion, dignity and respect (Corewell Health Code of Excellence, 2023). The delivery model used to provide nursing care on this unit was team nursing, which is a model of care that uses a group of providers who are led by a nurse. Care was provided to a group of patients with coordination of a team made up of RNs and nurse technicians (Huber & Joseph, 2022, p. 276). The team leader created assignments and made sure that each person knew their roles and assignments for the …show more content…

11). Towards the end of the clinical, I assumed more of a charismatic leadership style by having an infectious, positive presence and encouraging others (Huber & Joseph, 2022, p. 11). This seemed appropriate for the team members because on night shift, everyone was tired and bringing positive energy boosted morale. A transformational style may have worked better, but I didn’t quite have the confidence or knowledge to help others build accountability and skill sets. We realized a tech was charting that she was turning the patients, but she was not. I did not have the confidence to say anything, but my nurse did. Had I taken on a transformational style, I would have reminded her to take accountability in keeping the patients safe. One situation where my charismatic style worked well was when we were caring for a patient who was sundowning. My nurse was becoming frustrated and tired, but I used my positive attitude to help boost her

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