Hrm/531 Week 2 Assignment

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Since graduate school I have identified that I have trouble writing papers on subjects that are not of interest to me. I struggle to remain focus, and I get writer’s block often. It has been established that when and individual has selective attention they are generally working at the basic levels of perceptual identification (Weber & Johnson, 2009). One solution that I have utilized was taking scheduled breaks from completing the assignment. This would include reading a journal or two with taking notes than take a break. Then I would utilize all of my notes to collaborate a paper. I notice that my when I take breaks I am able to have a clear mind and less thoughts that are foggy. I started implementing this strategy during Master’s level course and since than it has been quite useful. According to Weber & Johnson (2009), higher cognition levels are present when an individual has an initial perception of a situation or task. The …show more content…

I generally have a passive aggressive attitude when it comes to completing work. Where I notice that I am not only doing my own assignment but I am also completing other individual assignments. Where I am overloaded with work and frustrated, which effects my job performance. One solution I started was actively communicating my feelings in an assertive way, and standing behind when I say “no” I mean it. I must admit this took a lot of work, however through time and practice it has become easier for me to communicate my emotions to my coworker and supervisor. Sometimes I noticed my kindness would be overly used. But implementing these strategies have helped me with solving this problem. In regards to judgment versus choice, being able to make risky decision and weighing my sanity versus judgment can result in isolation (Weber & Johnson, 2009). Often many choices can be communicated and order to make a decision and avoid judgment (Weber & Johnson,

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