Persuasive Essay Writing

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Writing has always been a form of art, a way in which an individual could express themselves. Freewriting is being able to put words on a paper without another thought and producing quality papers. The advice of two talented writers suggests ideas that can help beginning writers feel comfortable in writing without feeling embarrassed. In the essay “Freewriting” Peter Elbow states that during the process, you should not go back and correct the paper. Along with Mr. Elbow’s advice Donald Murray had shared some tips about revising your papers. In “The Makers Eye: Revising Your Own Manuscript” he shares “writers must be their own best enemy” (para.4). Due to the advice I recollected from these two talented writers I should be able to portray essays that can cause anyone to feel proud of their writings. In the essay “Freewriting” Peter Elbow explores the idea of freewriting being able to help numerous individuals accomplish their writings. While conducting a free writing paper there are rules such as not stopping during the writing process until the given amount of time is up or going back and fixing mistakes. Consequently, when someone free writes, it removes the chances of them editing their papers. Also, to not set yourself up for failure free writing should develop your own voice and does not need to be perfect. Finally, when someone is finished writing it may not be corrected or graded. In addition, “The Makers Eye; Revising your own Manuscript” Donald Murray explains the
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