Narrative Essay On Procrastination

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There I am sitting on my couch with a laptop on my lap. I have a paper due tomorrow and I have no idea what to write about. I put my fingers to the keyboard keys and start to type out the first sentence.
“Once upon a time,” I said out loud making sure it sounds right. “There was a boy...,” but I stop short of finishing the first sentence.
“That is such a cliche,” I say to myself, “you can do so much better than that. Try to make it sound exciting to pull them in.” I was in the midst of having a full conversation with myself. The stress of this paper taking its toll on my mental state, and pretty soon I would be asking myself questions than answering them in a different voice.
“Let try something different,” I delete what little I had started …show more content…

um...” That is where I suddenly had a brilliant idea. Since the only feeling that I was feeling at that moment was procrastination I finally decided my topic. I was going to write about a procrastinating hero that only comes in to save the day at the last moment, and then he does the job poorly but somehow gets it done.
“That is absolutely brilliant,” I said to myself, “why thank you.” I accidentally responded, startling myself. I rub my eyes and shake my head in an attempt to wake myself up some more. Putting my moment of insanity aside I started to write once again. My fingers flew across the keys in an attempt to put the story together in the moment. I was determined to continue until I saw that I was finished. I continued to type; I added in unnecessary symbolism and metaphors to give the illusion of a well-written paper. I was making good time, I had almost a page and a half done already, but suddenly I stopped writing.
“What next?” I had a case of writer's block, and it was bad. I tried to write in different situations, but anything that I wrote seemed wrong and out of place. I added and deleted over and over but nothing was working. I throw my head back in

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