Who Shot Johnny Chuck Close Analysis

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Prominent American painter and photographer, Chuck Close, once remarked “All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.” Mr. Close wasn’t a writer, but his process-oriented mindset can be helpful in every line of work. The finest outcomes are created by those who do not cut corners to arrive at the conclusion prematurely. Students often become lost and overwhelmed by tasks which don’t have a predetermined outcome. We were raised to find the quickest way possible to complete a task and then execute that plan. We aren’t taught to just begin a task without an exact goal in mind. But this method can sometimes lead to the discovery of an even greater reward. In today’s society, we as writers are trained from an early age to reach a set objective by any means necessary. But when looking back on this concept, aren’t we missing the whole point of completing the assignment in the first place? In this paper, I will adopt this notion of starting a piece of writing without a specific end result in mind, in the hopes of discovering myself as a writer and developing a powerful paper in the process.
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The disgustingly real story is an example of how writers can learn more about themselves while writing. She started her paper in a very formal tone and ended in vulgarity. She used this piece to express how she felt going through a traumatic situation. She did this in such a reader-friendly way which is why I can relate to this essay. Also, this shows how writing can lead authors to learn more about themselves. Revisiting an upsetting event brings all the pain back to the surface and helps the reader understand the writer’s mindset and how they became the unique writer they are

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