My Journey To Becoming A Writer

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Towards becoming a writer -------------------------------- I promised myself that I will learn a new skill this year. I resolve to learn how to write with purpose. My mission is to figure out how to express myself with conviction. I refuse to write limp sentences but instead I will write sentences that pack a punch. I find other people’s writing impressive. I want to write impressively as well. Most of all, I want to write sentences that make me proud to have penned them. Nowadays every one is a writer. We write on social media every day, we send emails and short messages. However, we are not all great writers, this is the reserve of the few that put in effort and can cleverly coin a phrase. -------------------------------- I begin my journey knowing I face a myriad of challenges. This is exciting though, and I can frame my journey towards becoming a better writer as a quest. I am Hercules and the many issues I need to overcome to become a decent writer are my labors. I once thought writing was easy. I now understand why bloggers set aside times to write. You cannot determine when your muse will strike but you always show up ready to work. -------------------------------- I have heard it said putting yourself to task will get you results you can work to improve. While waiting for your muse strike is a poor plan for productivity and growth. Besides being imaginative you should muster your craft. You cannot get by as a writer with good stories but poor craftsmanship. You
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