Analysis Of Writing By Anne Lamott

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In reading Lamott’s essay I found myself compelled to keep reading. It was the first time I read an article on how to be a better writer that basically says, do your worse work, and then learn from it. Interestingly enough there are components in her article that I can relate too such as in paragraph five where she discusses the initial writing and not being able to start the writing process. I can relate to this because when writing I sometimes stare at the computer screen thinking of the right words to open my essay with, even though I have ideas for other parts of the paper I am left stuck at the start line. Overall her article brought a type of excitement to me as I read it, almost as if it has given me hope for writing, especially with the thought of a five page paper lingering in the back of my mind. Her method, basically says get everything on paper whether you need it or not, then look it over at a later day to analyze it for the information you need. I agree with her point that getting it on paper is important because, “there may be something great in those six pages that you would never have gotten by more rational, grown-up means.” (Lamott). It is obvious that her approach to writing is different from most writers, just by looking at the name of the article it made me realize, she …show more content…

There were some aspects of the essay such as in paragraph one where she explains that not all writers wake up in the morning full of enthusiasm and the words just seem to flow out onto paper. Then she makes a comment about another writer, and then states that even God can’t stand her. While I was looking for a follow up to what she stated here, thinking it had something to do with the essay, it did not. Now you take a scholar, or an English professor and they may see this as being unnecessary thus taking away from the importance of her point of the

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