Hindrances In The Odyssey

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In the Odyssey, a work of Greek mythology written by Homer, Odysseus, who is the hero, embarks on an extensive journey to get back to his homeland. This journey is not painless, though. Odysseus encounters sea monsters, cyclopes, and even intervention from gods that are working against him. All of these obstacles can be related to our life’s journey. We encounter hindrances that may momentarily shift our gaze off of the end goal. On my journey to become a well-known author and blogger, I will experience impediments such as disappointment and a lack of confidence in my writing, as well as the temptation to compromise my message to gain more readers. One “monster” that I might face on my pilgrimage to become an author is disappointment. It is inevitable as a beginning author to be rejected by some publishers. Not every publisher will see the gold that I see in my work. On page 391 of the Odyssey, Odysseus visits the Land of the Dead to speak with the blind prophet, Tiresias. While he is there, he finds that his mother has died of a broken heart and everyone at home in Ithaca is mourning his absence. Odysseus is deeply distraught, but this situation gives him even more motivation to find a way home to his family. …show more content…

I may be vulnerable to the lie that no one will read my book. Therefore, that will keep me in bondage to fear, so I won’t take a risk and send it to a publisher. Odysseus also battled fear. He warred against the six-headed monster, Scylla, who destroys everything in her sight. She ate six of Odysseus’ best men right before his eyes, and he was filled with fear. However, he had to keep sailing on the voyage home to protect his other men. Odysseus did not let fear hold him back even when a disaster happened. This great example can be applied in my future life on my trek to become a writer. I can bypass the fear that binds me and replace it with steadfast

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