Analysis Of Unteaching The Five Paragraph Essay

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As I began to read in week one Unteaching the Five Paragraph Essay by Marie Foley, I was reminded of the importance of how writing lends to reading, which in turn infers absorbing the content. Writing is essential to not only education but in connecting through this form of communication as well. Appropriately, this was addressed again by John Dewy in Democracy and Education in 1916. I found it interesting that this subject matter written about so long ago is still prevalent today.
I can relate to Foley description of writing in structure as being “alien” as I have found my words always flowed without structure. Of course, I assumed I was an inadequate writer. Writing became a confusing chore to me, trying to fit my words into a box that didn’t exist in my head. Yet, I loved to journal, here there was freedom of expression. One point brought up by Foley was the importance of finding the inner connection between subjects. This was something I had not thought about in depth. I found myself going back to this article to …show more content…

The act of memorizing and repeating, absorbing only until the next subject lesson of memorizing and repeating comes along. Maybe for some, whose mind works in this way, it is a productive way to learn, I however, need to absorb. I need to be able to relate the information I have learned in order to retain it. I am that person who reads the manuals. I enjoy reading the instruction manual. (And I hate bad ones, hello Ikea.) Freire writes about the process and I think that is what makes authentic writing so essential. Not a process in structure yet a process that allows the reader to move thru the process with the writer. It is crucial that communication through writing appeals to humanity in a way that it connects us in order to be

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