Anne Lamott's Getting Started: Chapter Analysis

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Which of the authors in this chapter provided you with the most useful information for improving your own writing, and why? Intro:I never find a way where I can easily start writing with no problem. I am either too distracted, too bored, or trying too hard to focus that I actually don’t get anything done. Forcing myself to sit down and focus doesn’t give me a great start, it worsens my mind because I’m feeling more pressured.I know that writers struggle at first and once they start there is no stopping them. I wait for that to happen to me, but I find myself stuck. I didn’t how to start writing because I kept over thinking that whatever I had thought already was wrong.Thesis:For me, the best author that provided me with the most valuable information was Anne Lamott’s “Getting Started” because she gave me ways of how I can begin to write when I have zero ideas as to what to write, how and where to write it. This chapter served as a guideline for whenever I find myself struggling with writing. I even looked back at it with this assignment because I was feeling insecure as to what I was writing. 1st Body: Whenever I get an essay assignment I begin to stress. I stress so much that my mind is completely useless. “The amount of material may be so overwhelming that it can make your brain freeze”(p.95). …show more content…

To be able to write down anything I have to be in a place where I feel comfortable expressing my ideas. As a writer I will overthink everything I say in my writing, whether it sounds stupid or sophisticated, but I have to be careful with what I want to do because I need to focus on getting the message

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