Wes Moore Decision Making

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Decision Making

Throughout your average day you make hundreds of decisions. Things like what you were going to wear, what class to go to, what to eat for lunch, or what pencil to use are all examples of decisions everyone makes on a daily basis. However, some decisions you make can change not only your life, but the lives of others. In the novel The Other Wes Moore, both Weses make decisions that impact their lives severely. Many people, like the author Wes Moore, have made decisions that have put them into Valley Forge Military Academy.
The first and main decision that will affect Weses life forever was not made by him, but for him. Weses mother, Joy, had just gotten a call about his poor efforts in school and attending school. Wes also accidentally punches …show more content…

Wes was determined to get out of the tightly controlled and overruled environment that he was in. At Valley Forge you start off as a plebe. Plebes were treated like nothing and told that they were hated. “We were infact less than nothing, we were plebes.”(90). Plebes were given tight five by eight feet rooms containing only a bunk bed and a couple of chairs. Every morning at 5:30 AM they were awoken by the sound of a loud, powerful voice and were off to start their daily exercises and routines. The purpose of this was to remove them from the bad environment that they were in and put them into something more controlled. This also helped condition the plebes into more well rounded and respectable adults. Wes hated this kind of environment. He was so used to his leisurely household, being able to skip out of school and do whatever he wanted all day long. After his final attempt at ditching Valley Forge Wes realized all that was left for him to do was attempt to change himself and show his mother what he was capable of. This is the best decision that the author Wes made throughout the entire

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