Essay On Bad Decision

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So making a bad decision is never fun. I’d like to think that most of us prefer not to make them but can’t help to sometimes because we think a bad decision isn’t that bad. It might even be a good one in the right mind set. The point of this paper being to reflect on a pass choice looking at it with the elements of critical thinking. My bad decision is one I think most are guilty of, waiting until the last minute on something important. In my case a paper due for a class that I didn’t start working on until the weekend before it was due. Now waiting until the last minute to start the paper itself wasn’t the bad decision but act of trying to get it done in time since I chose to procrastinate was.
To start off evaluating why I was silly enough to do this I have to start off with my purpose of thinking. For me at the time my purpose of thinking was to decide on how I should write my paper in time for the due date. I figured that I would be able to sit down …show more content…

My concept of procrastination was that mine wasn’t all that bad, that I didn’t procrastinate that much. So that meant in my mind that deadlines weren’t that big of a thing to worry about. I would get the work done in time for it even if the work was thrown together last minute. Time also seems to become a less intimidating thing. I felt like I had all the time in the world and could goof off, watch television, and read books but still have enough time to finish a paper. Nosich points out that just as we leave assumptions unexamined, we leave concepts unexamined as well (56). I would say another major concept I should have thought about was sleep. I thought that I could live off a few hours of sleep and be fine. I had had days were I wouldn’t go to bed until late and get up early so sleep wasn’t that big a deal to me. Yet it really was because it affected how the rest of my day would

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