Book Review: I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior

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A Simple Decision Making decisions in life is like growing a flower. Each and every day it may seem like nothing has changed, but later in the future, every choice one makes will lead to a blooming future. Some decision results little to no effect, while others, leave collateral damage affecting one’s life forever and those around them. Many ordinary decisions can end in regret; on the other hand, constructing a right decision can also leave great memories. The book I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior by Stephen Templin clearly interprets Howard E. Wasdin’s extraordinary life of becoming a soldier who protects the country he loves. Every single resolution causes different outcomes, and this book shows that sometimes ordinary decisions can lead to an extraordinary life. Every decision can lead to many possible outcomes. Common decisions can appear in many ways, such as eating or going out for a walk. Although making a determination is quite simple, the result could always be surprising. In the book I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior, the main character Howard E. Wasdin describes his extraordinary life, starting with a simple decision: joining the military. Most decisions are formed with one’s will, yet, there are some decisions that are forced upon. The book starts off with Wasdin 's parents divorced when he was …show more content…

No matter how ordinary a human being could be, no one has lived their entire life in someone’s shoe. Everyone stumbles upon different decisions in life, causing different but unique life experiences. However, one’s life can only be changed with one’s decision. Life is about making decisions, whether it’s right or wrong, it all comes from the decision maker. When one has the power to choose, then one has the power to change. A determination can change many things like someone’s perspective, action, or future. When forming a selection, think carefully, as that one option could affect the rest of your life and people around

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