Hrm 531 Week 3 Individual Paper

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Is the Senior Leadership really requesting to put our team member’s safety at risk, when the government is shut down by asking for volunteers? Pay for hotel fees upfront/Not paid extra: Knowing our team members don’t really have extra funds available during the holiday months Hotel fees were increased last year during the government shut down The sidewalks are covered in snow and ice, because the government is shut down The hotels which are reasonable are a good distance from the HB Pay upfront and not knowing when they will get it back Our team members are some of the lowest paid employees within the BVA and they are always requesting overtime because they are hurting for funds. To ask for volunteers and have them work under horrible conditions, risk their safety and then not pay them for the risk. …show more content…

When our new DVCs took over and had the town hall meeting, this issue was brought up. Is asking for volunteers and risking the safety our team members the guidance from our leadership? I live the furthest from anyone in the HB, and it has taken me hours to get here/get home on a few occasions due to unsafe road conditions. I have a 4x4 truck and I had to engage my 4x4 on a few occasions due to the unsafe road conditions. I as a leader would never ask my team members to risk the safety of my team members, if I would not be willing to assume the risk myself. I will be willing to bring my sleeping bag and stay in the garage if needed to cover hearings as needed, vice requesting for others to risk their safety when the government is shut down. I will cover if needed, I do not agree with it and I understand the mission of the HB, but I will cover to look out for the safety of our team. Can we please discuss when

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