Immigrant Workers To Save Costs Summary

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Hiring Non US citizens to work in American factories The journal article “Michael Bianco Inc. - Immigrant Workers to Save Costs” written by Lynn Ruggieri references a rather small organization in 2001 with an employee count of 85. The organization was awarded contracts worth multimillions and they were form the department of defense. A growing organization now has 500 employees by 2004. Homeland security watched the organization and raided it to find 300 illegal workers, unfair work conditions, workers doing double shifts at single pay and working in unheated areas. This journal explains a well-developed and established organizations. The Michael Bianco organization was established in 1985 in Bedford Massachusetts. A small organization that manufactured leather and their own handbags. There was a rapid growth starting in 2001 and continued to grow with new contracts that required more employees. The organization knowing that the new employees would need trained they received state grants. These grants would aid in all aspect of the goods making production line form sewing, stitchery, machine operators, and more managers. This first grant was for $100,000.00 according to Ruggieri (2013). The organization also received a tax break and with the understanding that city …show more content…

The managers had the emergency doors locked possible because they knew what they were doing was very illegal. Using tolet paper to clean their hands came with a fine. The batherooms were suppled with only one roll of toilet paper per stal per day. Monetary fines were given for leaving desiganted locations prior to whistles and talking during work hours. If hter ewere multiple infraction it lead to be fired. Finally one worker stated that she had hurt her eye and the organization sent her to a clinic to get fixed and had her report to work the very next

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