Immigration Under Siege Research Paper

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Immigration Under Siege

After researching my topic, I found that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency is using procedures enacted by congress as a means to treat immigrant workers as criminals while conducting worksite raids. This is a bad idea because they are waging a war against immigrant communities in the process. This agency created by the Government, raids worksites and community schools and sets-up traffic checkpoints to demand legal documentation of citizenship.

In light of the passage of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, the INS was abolished by statute and all immigration services, enforcement, and related policymaking including visa policies were transferred to a new Department of Homeland Security. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement division of that department is in charge of a range of activities on the interior of the United States including investigating, arresting, detaining and deporting illegal non-citizens …show more content…

After these local officials are deputized, they help raid worksites sometimes armed with a warrant and often conducted in a dragnet fashion by blocking the exits and discriminatorily questioning those who looked foreign or spoke with a foreign accent. These raids target people based on their appearance or accent. The abusive tactics that characterize an immigration raid inevitably entangle citizens who are not and should not be required to carry with them their naturalization papers, or to retrieve them from home to satisfy an agent of the government. These practices are inconsistent with the principles that underlie the Fourth & Fifth Amendment, the equal protection component of the Due Process clause, and the most basic notion of privacy: the right to be left alone (Shahani, Aarti, and

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