Pros And Cons Of California

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However, even if California and its constitution are democratic in the basic sense, the state government does not necessarily provide a good government for its population. The large population and area of California require a strong government. Unfortunately, the state constitution fails to provide an adequate government. The constitution covers an extensive area of legislation but tends to over-correct their issues according to the times. The ease of passing legislature through the branches creates so many laws that the constitution is getting too big to be effective, hurting its ability to govern. The state continues to pass legislation that contradicts itself. Hundreds of amendments, laws and regulations make it difficult to carefully draft …show more content…

(B) Detaining an individual on the basis of a hold request. (C) Responding to requests for notification or transfer requests. (D) Providing or responding to requests for non-publicly available personal information about an individual, including, but not limited to, information about the person’s release date, home address, or work address for immigration enforcement purposes. (E) Making arrests based on civil immigration warrants.” (CA SB54, Section 1).
This movement protects the entire population of California from deportation, disregarding President Trump’s order. California uses their power as a large state, with 53 representatives, to voice their opinions in big ways such as the SB54 bill. As a strong liberal state, they hold social views differently that those of the current federal government. With bills such as SB54, California empowers the principle of federalism. The state takes advantage of the state freedom that the federal constitution grants …show more content…

Within the state of California, the judicial branch was inconsistent in their decisions when regarding same-sex marriage. While the California Supreme Court democratically upheld the decision of the people, it directly went against the federal constitution in the eyes of the majority of the United States Supreme Court justices. The short timespan within the state court’s two rulings confirms the inconsistent nature of the California government. Constitutional amendments such as Proposition 8, add to the long list of amendments that are forced to be corrected in the state’s

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