Satire Essay On Gay Marriage

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Brandon Woody English 3604-201 Dr. Reginald Martin 7/9/2015 Uproar Over Marriage Equality June 26th, 2015 was a monumental day for the LGBT community due to the Supreme Court of the United States deciding that preventing gay couples from getting married was unconstitutional, consequently legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states. The response to the SCOTUS?s decision has been mixed, with supporters expressing elation to detractors displaying disappointment and anger in response to the ruling. Although I wouldn?t describe myself to be elated when news of the legalization of gay marriage was revealed, I am in support of the decision the Supreme Court handed down. I consider myself a supporter of the Supreme Court?s decision for the following reasons: the United States has long been a global leader on social issues; legislation in the modern era shouldn?t be based upon the rules included in archaic religious texts, and there are far greater issues that deserve the …show more content…

The United States of America has been the global leader in regard to pushing progressive social agendas, often being a proverbial beacon of light leading other countries out of the darkness of close-minded oppressive social ideologies. From the Civil Rights Movement to the Women?s Liberation Movement, the U.S. has long been a country that pushes past discriminatory ideas in order bring about the reality of a more inclusive society many Americans hope for. With the Supreme Court?s June 26th decision, Americans who have longed to live in a country that embraced utopian ideals were ecstatic to realize that their country was taking steps to bring those dreams to life. The progressive strides made that day weren?t embraced by everyone throughout the land,

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