Satire On Marriage

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People want to get married because they are ready to take the relationship to a higher level of responsibility and commitment. The satirical argument made throughout the video is that one’s freedom is being compromised and ties, especially with the family are ruined once marriage gets in the picture. The video satirically highlights how individuals will not want to marry because of the huge commitments and responsibilities involved. This is ironic because, when it is decided that the goal of a relationship is marriage, it shows that the couple is ready to commit and love each other unconditionally. Marriage itself, regardless of one’s sexual preference, is a life-long promise one makes to the significant other. It was also constantly pointed out in the video that the idea of not being tied down or having the freedom to mingle around is appealing. However such thoughts may not be permanent, as it will come to a point where individuals will start to think about settling down.…show more content…
Marriage strengthens the family bond, especially when a child is being born into the family. Like the saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The point mentioned in the video was marriage without consent would only lead to undesirable consequences. If one has decided to settle down with the partner of choice, it is without a doubt that the family will have a say regarding the marriage. One must ensure to be competent in taking care of the partner of choice as the family entrusts the responsibility to the individual. The couple has to depend on one another to have a successful
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