The Negative Effects Of The Baby Boomer Time In The Future

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According to data, twenty percent of Americans who are older than twenty five years old were single in 2012 compare to the only nine percent in 1960s which was called baby boomer time. The data shows that there is not going to be baby boomer generation anymore in the future. The birthrate is now decreasing every year, and it is now one of the biggest problem that can bring a lot of negative effect to the world in the future. The reason that the birthrate has been decreasing for past years is because the people do not get married as much as before. The generation has been changed, and now making their own families is not necessary for but optional for the younger generation. They do want to get married without their lives being disrupted or they do not even want to get married in the future. One of the most common reason that people are not willing to get married is because they have not found the right people to get married yet; they have too many expectation for their spouses. Compare to the time before 1960s, economy has been grown, and, people’s lives are a lot more convenience than before. Therefore, even though people are willing to get married in the future, they do not want their convenience lives to get disrupted by getting married. It can be interpreted that people want to get married with the people who are perfectly ready to get married so that their lives are not going to be disrupted; they are looking for the perfect partners. People now are making a lot of

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