Kate Chopin The Storm Analysis

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Themes in “The Storm” Kate Chopin was an American author that wrote many stories that are based in Louisiana. She bases most of her work on women’s movement of the nineteenth century. One of Chopin’s prevalent stories called “The Storm”, focuses on the expectation of women’s marriage in the 1800’s. This story demonstrates multiple significant elements that give the reader a sense of what is going on throughout the story. One element being demonstrated in the story is the theme. The theme is important for setting an ambience within the story. An analysis on Kate Chopin’s “The Storm” demonstrates the theme of freedom, happiness, and adultery. The first theme Chopin demonstrates is the freedom of women in the nineteenth century. Many women …show more content…

Chopin uses women such as Calixta and Clarisse as examples of women gaining their freedom back within marriage. Calixta finds her freedom by having an affair with a man who isn’t her husband, while Clarisse takes a long vacation away from her husband to experience her freedom again. This allows for them to be less pressured from marriage. These women are breaking the boundaries of an ideal marriage, which allows them to no longer feel like their imprisoning themselves and to be open to more opportunities. Women of the nineteenth century have many expectations they live by. Marriage is one of the most important aspects of a woman’s life during this time. Women play many roles in marriage such as greeting their husband with a smile when he returns. It’s the women’s responsibility to provide the husband with a joyful home. It is the norm for most women to be involved in this type of marriage. That is the reason why most women get married, because that is what …show more content…

Clarisse and the kids are pleased with the situation they are in. They are living over in Biloxi without the presence of Alcee. This allows for Clarisse to have a fresh breath of air from her marriage and the duties that it comes with. Clarisse can feel happy with herself and her surroundings, in which her liberty is being restored. “Devoted as she was to her husband, their intimate conjugal life was something which she was more than willing to forego for a while” (91). Bibi and Bobinot too are happy with their situation. The two of them get trapped at Friedheimer’s store when the storm derives. They make is home safe after the storm comes to a rest. At home, Calixta greets them, and she is very grateful that they have returned unharmed. Bobinot is confused from the joy and happiness that his wife is expressing because he assumes that Calixta is going to be upset with him. Calixta’s joy and happiness (from her affair with Alcee) rubs off onto Bibi and Bobinot. “Bobinot and Bibi began to relax and enjoy themselves, and when the three seated themselves at table, they laughed much and so loud that anyone might have heard them as far away as Laballiere’s” (90). Calixta and Alcee are also happy with the affair that they encounter themselves having. Alcee is in the right place at the right time. He serves as a comfort to Calixta’s worries. Alcee was an old flame for her, in which his

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