Naturalism In Kate Chopin's 'The Storm'

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1. Term: Naturalism is described as events that happen are determined by the natural forces. One leading to another, causing the next force to happen. There is no free will where a person cannot indicate what happens; we just react to the forces of the events. Text: Kate Chopin “The Storm” Explanation: Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”, defines naturalism in her work several ways. One of those ways for example is when Chopin sums up her work in the last line of the text by stating this, “So the storm passed and every one was happy.” (437) Here she is not only speaking literally of the storm raging outside, however she is also stating about the affair she was having. The force of the storm and the way Chopin presents the affair as being all of a sudden and with no time to consider or choose shows naturalism. The way she brings nature in her points exist in the way for her to refer the affair as being inevitable and naturally occurring, just as a storm is unavoidable. One cannot prevent them for the reason that they just happen. 2. Term: Regionalism refers to work of Literature takes place in a specific area of the country. This is shown by the author’s use of dialect, explanation of landscape, beliefs and customs of the characters. Text: William …show more content…

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