Divorce Persuasive Speech

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Title : Marriages End In Divorce
Organizational Pattern: Problem-Solution Order
Visual Aid : Power point slide
General Purpose : To persuade
Specific Purpose : To persuade my audience about half of all marriages end in divorce
Central Idea : Solutions to a successful marriage and will persuade you to wait until marriage before deciding to live with your partner
A. According to the U.S Census, nearly half of all marriages end in divorce.
1. The National Survey of Family Growth which was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that the probability that a woman’s first marriage will even reach the 10 years mark is only 64%. For males, the probability is 66%. …show more content…

Next, I’ll divulge several myths surrounding the perceived benefits of cohabitation.

Figure 4
II. According to FIGURE 4 and a 2002 survey done by Gallup.com, there has been a steady increase in the number of American’s who live together before marriage. Pre-engaged couples often decide to live together for a number of reasons.
A. An article from The New York Times titled “Should Couples Live Together Before Marriage?” describe that pre-marital cohabitation results from the thinking that
1. Couples will have a “test drive” of the marriage – the problem with this is that the couple goes into the relationship thinking that if it doesn’t work out it can easily be ended rather than working at it to make it successful.
2. They will get used to sharing space with their partner and have a more equal division of household labor.
3. However, studies show that household labor is more equally distributed at first,
4. But for those cohabiting couples who end up married, the majority of household work falls to the woman.
B. Financial reasons are a factor.
1. Cheaper to have one set of living

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