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There are two major types of marriages in the world, arranged and love marriages. An arranged marriage is when a partner for one of the individuals is chosen by their family, and no love is usually involved. A love marriage on the other hand is when two individuals choose to marry each other because of the love they share for each other. A successful marriage is when both individuals can love, care, trust, and are happy with each other even through the ups and downs. Even though arranged marriages have their pros such as lower suicide and teen pregnancy rates, love marriages are more successful than arranged marriages because the individuals actually love each other from the start, there is the freedom of choosing their own spouse, and there …show more content…

That means they need to have time to spend with that individual to make sure they want to marry them. In arranged marriages that is now always the case. Based on the quote “We spent one day together, and then his dad said, ‘Yes or no? We’re leaving tonight with an answer” (Source B) we can see that Elke Thompson only spent one day with her soon to be husband before she was asked if she was going to marry him. Just spending one day with someone is not long enough for anyone to know if they want to marry someone. Thompson says “I was very sure that I was going to take whoever they thought was right for me” (Source B). In some parts of the world it is tradition for a child parents to arrange a marriage, and it is seen as bad if they go against their parents because parents are seen as wiser and know best. This still does not make it alright for them to only give one day to decide. And sometimes the people do not even get to spend a day with the person they are going to spend the rest of their life with. Both arranged marriages, and love marriages have their pros and cons.
Based on the definition of a successful marriage, both a love marriage and an arranged marriage could be defined as successful. With both marriages you can love and care for each other, and stick with each other through the ups and downs. But with a love marriage the individuals love each other from the start. In an arranged marriage that is not the case. The two individuals could

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