Humorous Wedding Speech Essay

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Good Morning/Afternoon students of Arthur Phillip. I’m Caitlin Santos the candidate of the Less Stress and More Progress Party. Today i will explain why you should vote for me to be the next president of Arthur Phillip High. Ever since I started high school in 2013, I noticed how much homework we received, how time consuming and stressful it was. Many of us suffer from facing too much homework to complete and not enough time to relax and enjoy life. I experienced this feeling for 4 years now, yet I still feel more stress throughout the years. Why am I telling you this? because I care for your learning and your health furthermore, I understand that several of us have little to no time for ourselves as we are all so busy with our out of class work. I Want Us Students to be …show more content…

You can all agree with me that Homework is slowly taking away our time and causing several of us to obtain stress. I have the impression that if we decrease the quantity of homework we will be able to acquire time for ourselves to arrange what we want to do or be able to have some relaxation and avoid homework for some time. You can probably guess when we’re in seniors teachers or even our parents will be pressuring us to perform better both in homework and exam so that we can achieve strong marks in HSC. We need to change all this, it’s not helping any of us if we feel stressed or being tired everyday constantly doing work or study. Another reason, on why I’m telling you this is because I experienced and seen my peers around myself being tired during class or break. Fatigue is not an option for us if we keep having loads of work which leads to decrease of amount of time for leisure and lack of sleep. If we don’t have enough time to ourselves how are we able to focus on our education while most of us will be too exhausted, hoping to go back home and take a great deal of

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