Pros And Cons Of Coming Home After School Essay

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When students go home after school they should be able to relax right? In an ideal world students should just be able to take there bag off and chill, go out with friends, play video games or go play sports at the park or something right, but no. Nowadays the average high school teenager has to go home, sit down at a table and basically continue school for another two-three hours. We have to do homework almost immediately after school because if we don’t then we will be up until 12 or later doing homework. Not to mention the students athletes that come home late anyway from practices/games and then have to take a shower, eat dinner and then sit down to finish all of their homework. I attend Montgomery Blair high school, where we have a block schedule so our homework isn’t due for two days which is helpful but most high schools students have eight classes a day and the homework assigned is normally due the next day of school. All of this homework causes stress amongst teenagers. Students have to stress every single day in school to make sure they do well so they can attend the college of their chose, we shouldn’t have to go …show more content…

On the other hand a lot of stress can backfire completely and can be a horrible thing for you. Too much stress can even cause health problems for you. According to Mayo Clinic stress can affect your physical health as well as your mental health. For physical health it can cause head and stomach aches, sleep problems, chest pain and even a change in your se drive. Stress can also affect your behavior, it can cause your to have anger outburst, social withdrawal and might even cause you to turn to drugs and alcohol. Overall stress can make you an irritating or mean person to be around and this can affect students social lives in a negative

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