Explain Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Have you ever woke up really early in the morning and thought, man school should really start later? Well I completely agree, for three reasons actually. My reasons are one when you start school your brain in not fully awake enough to learn to its fullest potential, two the absentee rate would decrease by a bunch, and three it would improve test scores by a dramatic fashion. In the next three paragraphs I will give you facts that will show you that these are in fact true. My first fact is that students aren’t awake enough in their first block class to really even get enough out of it. Many people would fire back and say well that is only a few kids, and to you people I would like to say, no it is not because facts show that 17 million kids are not awake enough to get anything out of …show more content…

It doesn’t quite make sense to me; after all of these facts I would help that you would agree with me also. A lot of schools have already moved times back, and hopefully one day our schools will do the same. Maybe one day states like ours will rise our test scores enough to compete with all of the other states that have already moved there school times back. It makes more of a difference then most people even realize, so let’s do our best to make a difference and get this done. Who knows, maybe one day states like West Virginia will be at the top of the list in test scores. Many people may say well where are you getting your information from, well New York Times states “ 17 million high school kids are awake enough to get anything out of there first block class (Kalish).” So there are your facts folks, hopefully now your eyes are widened and you can start to make a difference in changing these times, nobody should have to wake up at 7:30 to go to school, so let’s change that so kids don’t have

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