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Have you ever woken up to your alarm clock ringing in your ear at 6 a.m. forcing you from your warm blankets? You only have 30 minutes to get dressed, eat breakfast, finish last night 's homework, brush your teeth, do your hair, wash your face, get on your shoes and get out the door to barely make your bus. This is what students go through every single school day. I believe that school should start after 9 a.m. because children will get the proper sleep they need, starting later will improve test scores, and late starts will decrease absences in school. Being rushed is one of the biggest problems before school starts and it is affecting students. We can change to supply the greater good of students. Starting school after 9 a.m. helps …show more content…

Starting school after 9 a.m. decreases the amount of absences in schools. Waking up at 6 a.m. is not something our body was made to do constantly. Since that is abnormal, kids will feel more tired and sick when waking up. Although some may say that our bodies get used to being that way. Although that is still slightly true, getting to sleep will properly restore a child’s immune system. This makes it so that in the morning, their painful migraine will become a slight ache. Lots of absences are reported each day nationwide. About 20,000 absences are reported each week only in the midwest region of the United States. This needs to be changed because so many children miss out on school lessons that may be beneficial and when they do the make up work for it they don’t get the same learning experience. Adding extra time in the morning should be able to build up a child’s health and that can change the amount of nonattendance in school records drastically. There are many psychological effects of sleep deprivation in attendance such as that students will lack motivation to learn, anxiety levels will start to rise, and even depression will show up in some cases. Sleep is very important to put on a good performance in and out of the classroom and if students don’t have the right motives, they will not do their best. Fatigue from sleep only encourages their bodies to shut off, making more and more students feel sick, tired, ache, and hurt. Getting good sleep will be the key to being

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