Pros And Cons Of Starting School Starting Later

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Have you ever felt like you are not taking in as much as you could from your first few classes well if you have you are right. Your brain is not actually taking in information until 8:30AM that is because you should not be waking up until 8:00 AM. The reason for this is your mental clock. A mental clock is how your brain decides when you should be sleeping and when you should be getting up in the morning. Starting school later can actually improve your learning, health and even your attitude and all of that can be changed by just starting school at 8:30AM. Kids don't start taking in information until 8:30AM because that is when the brain starts to really work. According to National sleep foundation ¨ teenagers are naturally inclined to stay up later and get up later in the morning.¨ ¨Starting school at 8:30 improves a student's chance of success,¨ according to the (National sleep foundation). Not only do teens want to sleep more, but sleeping more actually improves their health. If schools were too just delay school by 30 minutes it would improve the student's health and grades. …show more content…

⅖ of students who go to school who start at 8:00 or earlier only get 6 hours or sleep. And ⅔ of students who go to those schools only get 8 hours or sleep ( Teens should get 9-10 hours of sleep per night so that they can do their very best during the day. If we had late start school, then students could do better in school and then that could affect their entire life. Why do schools start early if there are no benefits? But yet the late start school has lots of evidence towards how it's better for

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