The Pros And Cons Of Later School Start Times

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For the last few years, schools across the United States have made conscious efforts to delay school start times. The push for a later school start has been led by doctors and parents who believe students do not receive the suggested eight-and-a-half hours of sleep daily. A later start time does not guarantee more sleep for students as students may just go to bed even later usual. A later start time could also change the times for after-school activities for many students. As a result of a later start time, both students and teachers will come home to families late into night. For these important and practical reasons, schools should not change school start times. If schools delay the start time, after-school activities will be rescheduled and no dramatic impact on sleep times will …show more content…

In the article “The Pros and Cons of Starting School Later,” the author said, “Most districts already have staggered start times for the schools and they report that delaying the high school start time would have a domino effect on all the schools that could pose a logistical nightmare” (Morin). A later school start time affects everyone and creates problems that may lead to a complete change in all school start times. According to USA Today, many districts with later school start times have flipped the pickup times for elementary school and high schools, which allows high school students to receive more sleep and younger students, who generally wake up earlier, to go to school sooner (The Editorial Board). Although a flipped bus schedule, benefits the students in the morning, it creates problems for students in the afternoon. Many parents do not come home until late at night, meaning younger students who come earlier from school are not supervised and properly taken care of. By changing the school start time, all other activities are impacted and it requires a change in all aspects of daily

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