Rhetorical Analysis Of Me My Sleep And I By Priscilla Shikanth

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In her essay “Me, My Sleep, And I”, writer Priscilla Srikanth argues that high schools should start later in the morning to ensure that students are well rested, energized, and focused during the school day. She accomplishes this by utilizing rhetorical questions and an anecdote that allow the reader to reflect on their past experiences with the idea of a late start, a logical fallacy that encourages the reader to view the situation from the writer’s perspective, and an appeal to logos to further strengthen her argument. Leading into her essay with rhetorical questions, Srikanth urges the reader to ponder about times that they have felt like never leaving their cozy bed. In this way, the writer creates a sense of likeness between herself and the reader. By appealing to ethos through an anecdote, she shows the reader that she too has experienced the struggle of getting up every morning. By utilizing a slippery slope, Srikanth slightly pushes the reader to believe that if change isn’t made in the school day schedule, then the next …show more content…

Have you ever just wanted to snuggle into your covers and never leave the warm comfort of your bed? Or have you ever asked your yelling parents for 5 more minutes of sleep on a school morning? I know I have. As a freshman in high school, waking up at 6 in the morning five days a week has got to be the one thing I dread. However, my private high school in Massachusetts has implemented one day of the week where school starts an hour later. On these days, the extra hour helps me to trudge through the school day and the long hours of activities I have afterward with some energy left to spare. If one hour keeps me energized throughout the day, then imagine an extra hour on school mornings everyday. For this reason, implementing a later start and end time in high schools across the country will not only benefit students mentally but also

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