The Pros And Cons Of Later School Start Times

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Early school start times may hurt many youth's development and make it so they may never reach their zenith. Furthermore hormones make teenagers have difficulty waking up early or going to bed early. School starting as early as they are can cause depression and caffeine addictions. This often harms a student's cognitive and physical development and can endanger those around them. Because of this, schools need to move their start time to a few hours later. As students age, they need later school start times to stay healthy, as shown in “Among teens, sleep deprivation an epidemic” by Ruthan Richter. It observes that “, “More than 87 percent of high school students in the United States get far less than the recommended eight to 10 hours”. …show more content…

This issue could be an opportunity to raise youth's responsibility. Later school start times could also help kids make friends as they may need to carpool or take the bus, increasing the kid's social interaction. “Pros and Cons of Later School Start Times” by Leigh Ann Morgan also explains that after-school activities would hurt kids' ability to study or participate in social activities. While this could be seen as accurate, it is not because many kids could miss an after-school activity to study or do homework. After- school activities are often social and could be a substitute for social activities. Many schedule difficulties will arise if schools make later start times, but many schedule advantages could also come from it. In conclusion, the hormones that students get through high school make it difficult for teenagers to fall asleep until late at night and then wake up early for school. These yield many problems, such as sleep deprivation, car crashes, depression, and anxiety. Later start times can even cause teenagers to drink an unhealthy amount of caffeine to stay awake. Because of these reasons, schools should move

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