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Imagine laying down to bed. It’s eleven o’clock, every last paper has been written. You feel so relieved. Soon, your in class and can barely manage to stay awake. The teacher is talking and you don’t take any notes. This may sound like an outlandish problem, but this is what the average teenager goes through. Schools often set early start times like 7:50 am. Some people argue that these times save money and don’t interrupt after school programs. Others argue that adolescents and teens aren’t getting enough sleep. Schools should start later because of academic benefits, health benefits, and the safety of students. To commence, schools will be benefited intellectually. The National Sleep Foundation found that 57 percent of junior students and…show more content…
According to “Hey You! Wake Up!” the author states, “About 73 seconds after liftoff, the Nasa Space shuttle Challenger blew apart in the sky, while thousands spectators watched. After the tragedy, it was found that long, grueling work shifts and exhaustion had caused workers to make an error in judgement.” This means that long periods without sleep or without the needed amount of sleep can have deadly consequences. For students, this means consequences on the road. According to Should School Start Later?” the author states, “Studies show that well rested teens get higher grades, have higher test scores and miss fewer days of school. They also have a lower risk of car accidents.” Imagine a sleep deprived student, driving to school, but then he rams into other cars in the parking lot. There is fire, smoke, and sirens sounding everywhere. Many people every year are killed in these brutal accidents. Sleep is just one of the many factors that can affect safety on the road. Therefore, getting the recommended amount of sleep can save student and adult lives every single day. Some people argue that transportation costs could be high and expensive although this problem is not as important as student and community safety.Some people argue that transportation costs could be high and expensive although this problem is not as important as student and community safety. According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, “one third of adults are chronically sleep deprived too” (Hutson 11). If adults are sleep deprived, then think about the number of car accidents that are set to happen. Adults are trusted to drive buses with students everyday. Who knows? Maybe many of the bus drivers in America are already sleep deprived. As referenced before sleep helps to lower the risk of being in car accidents, so bus drivers who get enough

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