Explain Why Middle Schoolers Should Have Bed Time Essay

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Middle Schoolers should have a bed time. They are constantly busy doing sports or homework which means they need their sleep. Sleep is very important. Middle Schoolers need to be healthy and do well in sports/school. Sometimes it is hard for Middle Schoolers to get to bed on time because they have a lot of things going on. They can’t always go to bed on time but, they need to try to as much as possible. Parents always want their Middle Schoolers to go to bed on time but they can’t always do that because of sports or school. They are extremely busy most days and can’t get to bed on time. But, they still should have a bed time, they are constantly busy with sports or homework but they still need to get sleep as much as possible. Middle Schoolers should get 8 hours of sleep a night. It is important for their health and activities. Middle …show more content…

Not getting enough sleep is not only unhealthy, it dangerous. In the article “Sleep to Succeed” it shows how any teens really do need sleep. They wouldn’t be able to function without it. If we don’t, we won’t be able to be social or have good grades. In this article it also states “Sleep deprivation is a serious issue for many teens. It effects emotional and behavioral functioning, overall safety, and learning development.” I have explained many reasons why getting sleep is important, but I did not explain why not getting sleep is dangerous. Many teens have fallen asleep at the wheel and gotten into major car wrecks. The car wrecks could be fatal or create disabilities in a young student, forever. Some teens hardly ever sleep, they think they have too much to do. But, when it comes to the day time they can’t function or drive. This is a hazard that they have to be very careful about. I can’t imagine watching someone get in a car wreck just because they didn’t sleep enough the night before, it would be very hard to

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