Sleep Persuasive Speech

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Introduction Good morning everyone. I’m Nur Atiqah binti maznan and today I will deliver a speech title ‘People should care more about sleep’ Most of us in this class will say that we not get enough sleep because of all assignments, lab reports and so on like just now. So, we called this situation as sleep deprivation which means a condition where people not get enough sleep. We are in the same shoes, so no worries. A research from Brown University stated that, from a survey they conducted to a group of college student, 11% student have a good sleep but the rest which is 73% from the same study were found to have a sleep problem. Despite all of these academic stuff that we need to finish up, it is actually important for all of us to care more about sleep. For my speech today, I will tell you why you should care more about sleep. First, you can improve your daytime activities. Second, it helps for a better mode. And lastly, it can help you to get better health of course. Okay now, let’s move to the first reason why you should care more about sleep. First body The first reason why you should care more about your sleep is because it can improve your daytime activities. For student like us, by getting enough sleep, we can be more focus in class. A medicine instructor at Harvard Medical School, Lawrence Epstein says that the sleep deprivation can affect student performances in class. Another statistics by Health Research Funding also prove that sleep deprivation will cause
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