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Topic: How to fall asleep faster Organizational Patterns: Topical Specific Purpose: In order to help students live healthier lives and feel better in the morning. Primary Audience Outcome: I want my audience to learn new techniques and ways to help provide a good night’s rest. Thesis Statement: Providing ways to show students on how they can both physically and mentally prepare themselves when they head to sleep. Introduction Attention Getter: Sleep is essential, especially around us college students who spend each night staying awake to do projects we should of started weeks ago. Purpose: Well, now you can have a good rested night with these new tips and tricks! State Thesis & Main Points: Having trouble sleeping can cause you not to function as efficiently, but there are ways to help…show more content…
Doing regular breathing exercise routines will calm your nerves and also practice progressive muscle relaxation (slowly tense and relax each of your muscles in your body) over time. Try to give yourself acupressure (a Chinese medical theory that energy flows through certain points in your body) to restore, balance, and regulate your mind, body and spirit. III. Main Point: For the reasons above, you should do these activities in order to gain fulfillment and feel better about yourself. Subpoint: Having a great sleep can be important to your beneficial health. Sleep is involved in healing and also help repairing your heart and blood vessels. Not sleeping as much can cause an increase of heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and strokes Conclusion Restate Thesis & Review points: Having a stabilized mindset and physically getting ready can surely help with going to sleep at a faster rate. Concluding Purpose: Many students and even adults need to find better strategies to sleep in order to get through their daily lives. Closure/Clincher: With all this new information your are all on board the train to a better night’s

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