Analyzing Trevino's Article 'Sweet, Elusive Sleep'

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In this article, “Sweet, Elusive Sleep”, the first paragraph stated by telling a story about a man called Mike Trevino, who is 29 years of age who didn’t sleep all because of a quest to win a 3,000-mile, cross-country bike race. When he later tried to take a nap, he can’t remember his dreams. This case raised important questions such as; “If we don't sleep (or sleep enough), what happens to our dreams? And if we don't dream, what happens to us?” Towards the end, Springen, K. told us what to do if we are having trouble sleeping. He stated that, “stay away from caffeine and alcohol before bedtime, develop sleep rituals and avoid bright lights in the bedroom” (Springen 2004). Drinking caffeine at night keeps you awake so for you to get enough

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