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Gaukhar Dosmuratova
PSYC 1111
Sleep Deprivation experiments
Sleep deprivation is a condition when a person has problems to get enough sleep. Nowadays, sleep deprivation has become a common problem. Sleep plays a vital role in people’s lives because by getting enough sleep at the right times a person can protect his/her mental and physical health. During sleep, your body and mind are resting and it supports healthy brain function and maintain person’s physical health.
There are many types of research were made on sleep deprivation. The most famous ones are: Randy Gardner’s sleep deprivation experiment, where he beat the World Record by being awake for eleven days (264 hours) and Peter Tripp who was awake for eight days (201 hours and 10 min.) Both experiments show us how the consequences of being awake for a long period of time.
Randy Gardner experiment.
Randy Gardner was a high school student who stayed awake for 264 hours. He decided to make this experiment due to a high school science project. He wanted to prove that he could break the world record without negative effects. However, this experiment was very contradictive because researcher William Dement claimed that Mr. Gardner’s health condition, in general, was good except mood changes and physical tiredness. Whereas, John J. Ross claimed that Randy was suffering from serious cognitive and physical problems, such as hallucinations, paranoia, short-term memory and various mood changes. During the experiment, Randy was

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