Essay On Changing School Start Times

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Having a later school start time would hurt more than it would help. Changing the start time could potentially send students the wrong message. Being on time, handling a busy schedule and leanring how to balance sleep are all things that students must learn before entering the workforce (O’Neill, 21). No employer is going to change the time that an employee must clock in because he or she does not get the correct hours of sleep per night, so learning how to cope with this is crucial. If a school changes their start time they are potentially setting the students up for failure later in life. Eight o’clock is not an early time to be up and ready to learn. Some businesses start way before that time and close late too. Students need to learn how to balance their life more efficiently and understand that the worl does not revolve around them. Clubs would also notice the effect of later start times due to the fact that countless times they meet after school and if they continued to do so they’d be …show more content…

She claims that sleep experts are content, but the critics say it causes another slew of issues (Tonn, 15). "The evidence is clearly mounting both in terms of understanding the repercussions that chronic sleep loss has on the health, safety and performance of adolescents, and there is also really solid compelling data supporting the fact that delaying school start times is a very important intervention that can mitigate some of the impact of sleep loss," says Dr. Judith Owens, director of sleep medicine at Children 's National Medical Center (Park, 1). Dr. Owens also says that when we lose our REM or rapid eye movement, period of when we enter the deepest stage of sleep, this can result in memory loss and other mental blocks (Park, 1). “To do nothing is really to do harm,” says Dr. Judith Owens, “The status quo of starting schools at 7:15 or 7:20 is not in the best interest of the students” (Park,

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