Explain Why School Should Start Later Essay

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Schools should start later because that way students could get more hours of sleep. Otherwise, students will start to get bad grades in school, there athletic performance might decrease and they would feel different about themselves. Plus health experts recommend that students should get at least nine hours of sleep every night to work their best. Also students are extremely stressed in the morning and have rushing to get to school on time, which causes more stress at school. Imagine this, usually you get 8 hours of sleep every night, but then basketball season starts and you start practicing every night. Now instead of sleeping for 8 hours you started sleeping for 6 hours until the season ends after a year. Add that all up (365 hrs. + 365 …show more content…

Plus study shows that kids get better grades with better behavior and more sleep. If kids wake up earlier then chances are that they might fall asleep in class and teachers will not like that. The principle might suspend you or if you have slept in class too many times. Students are extremely stressed in the morning and are rushing to get to school on time. That way they don't have a good breakfast they don't have time to review their homework for a test and they get to school tired and depressed. If school would start later, all that could be stopped. Students would get more sleep, would have a good breakfast, and would have time to review their homework for a test. Finally getting the grades the students wants would decrease the stress and depression the students are having. Some people say there is no point in starting school later. Even if school did start later, the teens would take advantage of that time by partying or watching TV instead of sleeping and they would wake up in the morning feeling tired as before. Also the waking up earlier is part of growing up. Our parents went threw the same things were going threw. That is wrong because we are not in 1980 any more, we are in the 21-century, the new generation and we are changing to the

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